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About Us

Elad Wolf and Hofit Been-noon founded the WBN Group in 2021, a boutique PR and strategy consultancy firm specializing in building and delivering political and social campaigns and working alongside clients in the public and political spheres.

Who We Are

Elad Wolf is an Israeli campaign manager. At the age of 19 he already delivered his first campaign in the Israeli municipal arena, and after its success knew that this was his future path. He was appointed spokesperson of the left-wing party in the Israeli parliament, and has gone on to lead social, political and advocacy campaigns. 

Wolf joined forces with Hofit Been-noon, an art director and expert in political branding and graphic design. Been-noon’s experience includes working as a campaign lead and branding consultant for public sector organisations, NGOs, and politicians at an ad agency. Since opening her own studio, she has worked with commercial and not-for-profit organizations, and social and environmental advocacy groups. 

Under their leadership, WBN has led dozens of prominent public campaigns in Israel – including for causes like workers’ rights and environmental issues. The firm works alongside parliament members and local council members, to build and implement branding processes. WBN has also provided services to politicians in internal elections of political parties, as well as candidates in national and local elections.

?What is a public campaign

A successful public campaign makes an impact and changes reality in an area of political and social life. Our expertise is in government, politics, society and the environment, instilling narratives to create an impactful public agenda. 

Throughout a campaign you have to keep your finger on the pulse of the constantly changing public agenda. We will ensure that your messages remain relevant to the public narrative and work alongside you to achieve your goals.

Our full-service offering provides everything your campaign needs to impact the public agenda: strategy, media, digital, branding, podcasts and media buying.

?Why choose a boutique firm

We believe that when it comes to impacting the public agenda, you need a team that is fully and directly engaged. We provide a personal, bespoke service, with a dedicated team who will make your goals their own. Our range of services means that we will take full responsibility for all aspects of your campaign from start to finish. Whether it’s a specific campaign, or the everyday work of building your brand and supporting your messages, you will have the complete focus and attention of our team. 


:Contact us

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